1) First, you call our office to set an appointment for your free hearing test and consultation at 689-2021. One of our Specialists will test how you hear certain tones and certain words, as well as check your ear canals and ear drum thoroughly for any possible medical conditions.

2) The Specialist will thoroughly explain your test results and if you have a loss, they will give you a recommendation on which hearing aids will work best for your loss and your budget.

3) After you decide on the most appropriate hearing aids, we use your hearing test information to program the hearing aids for your exact loss and usher you back into the real world of the sounds of life!

4) Lastly, we show you everything you need to know to get the most out of your new hearing aids. We also explain in detail how to maintain them, such as keeping them clean, changing the batteries, etc. The process is simple and easy, but we answer any questions you might have.

Standard fees:

Hearing Test: $50 (no charge if you get hearing aids)

Check-up: $20 (first initial three check-ups are free)